Dave's Camera Collection

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Dave's interest in collecting cameras actually began when his Aunt Ruth Leber gave him an old Keystone 8mm movie camera (which he remembers using as a child, and which was used to make all of our home movies). He picked up an old Kodak folder shortly after that, and his search was under way.

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Below is a list of the cameras in Dave's collection as of 19 April 1999. It is published from a more extensive data base that includes additional information on these cameras. Many have accessories, cases, original boxes, etc.

We are using a rather simple classification system for the condition:
    MC=Mint condition (No defects, no scratches; as close to new condition as is possible.)
    EC=Excellent condition (May have a few very minor scratches in the finish, or leather; otherwise looks beautiful.)
    GC=Good condition (Shows normal wear for a camera of its age; it's been used, but it's not beat up. May have brassing or brights.)
    FC=Fair condition (Used a lot. Not suitable for display.)
    PC=Poor condition (Could also stand for Parts Camera. 'Nuf said!)
There are a number of classification systems that are in use by camera collectors. Most give a greater range of classification. We use the Notes column in our data base to give explanatory details of a particular camera's condition.

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Brand Name Model Condition Type Lens
Book 110 Camera MC 110  
Panorama MC 35mm 35mm lens, fixed focus
Agfa Billy Record 8.8 GC   Agfa Anastigmat JGESTAR f8.8-16 lens; 1/100 sec. shutter
Agfa D-6 Shur Shot Special MC 116  
Agfa General(??) PD-16 MC PD-16 (116) Anastigmat General f 6.3-32; 1/100 sec.
Agfa Isoflash-Rapid-C MC 35mm  
Agfa Isoly I GC 120 Achromat f 8; 1/30, 1/100 shutter
Agfa Isomat-Rapid MC 35mm Paratic Color Agnar f4.5/38mm
Agfa LeBox MC 35mm Fixed Focus
Agfa LeBox MC 35mm Fixed Focus
Agfa Optima I MC   Agfa Color Agnar f2.8/45mm
Agfa Readyset Special PD16 MC PD16 film  
Agfa Ansco D-6 Cadet GC Box 116  
Agfa-Ansco 1A Readyset Traveler GC 116 film  
Agfa-Ansco Cadet A-8 GC Box A8 (127)  
Agfa-Ansco PB-16 Tripar MC 616 Tripar f11-32
Agfa-Ansco PB-20 Plenex MC 620 Antar f14-32
Akira #3 TC-2000 MC 35mm jf6.3-16/50mm fixed focus; 1/60, 1/125 sec.
Ansco 2A Goodwin GC box  
Ansco 410 GC 110  
Ansco 412 Teleflash motor drive MC 110 Tele/Norm
Ansco 600 Flash EC 110  
Ansco 801 GC 126  
Ansco Anscoflex II EC TLR, 620 film  
Ansco Anscoflex II Camera Outfit MC TLR  
Ansco Automatic Reflex (Model II) EC 120 Anastigmat 83mm/f3.5-32; 1/400 sec.
Ansco B-2 Sure Shot EC Box  
Ansco Cadet GC 127 Anscar
Ansco Cadet II EC 127 Anscar
Ansco Color Clipper FC    
Ansco Disc 310 Camera MC Disc  
Ansco Flash Clipper EC 616  
Ansco Flash Clipper Outfit EC    
Ansco No. 1 Ansco Advanced EC 6A or 6B film Ilex Universal 1/100 shutter; Ansco Anastigmat f7.5 lens, w/ GC shutter release.
Ansco No. 2 Buster Brown EC 120 Box  
Ansco Panda EC 620 TLR  
Ansco PIX (12?) 0F 35mm f11/35mm
Ansco Pixie EC 110  
Ansco Ready Flash EC 620  
Ansco Readyflash EC 620  
Ansco Rediflex FC 620  
Ansco Shur-Flash FC 120 Box  
Ansco Shur-Flash MC 120 Box  
Argus 100 MC 35mm f5.6/38mm, FF,
Argus 127 GC 127 Lumar
Argus A3 MC 35mm Argus Anastigmat f4
Argus Argoflex Seventy Five FC TLR, 620 film Argus Lumar 75mm
Argus Argoflex Seventy-Five EC 620 Argus Lumar 75mm
Argus Argoflex Seventy-Five GC TLR  
Argus Argoflex Seventy-Five MC    
Argus Argus Seventy-Five EC 620 Argus Lumar 75mm
Argus Autronic 35 MC 35mm Argus f3.5 Cintar; 1/500 sec. Compur shutter
Argus C-2 FC 35mm f3.5
Argus C-3 EC 35mm f3.5/50mm Argus Cintar
Argus C-3 EC 35mm Cintar f3.5-16/50mm
Argus C-3 MC 35mm Coated Cintar f3.5-16/50mm
Argus C-3 Matchmatic EC 35mm Argus 50mm/f3.5 Coated Cintar
Argus C-3 Matchmatic MC 35mm Argus Coated Cintar 50mm; f3.5
Argus CC (ColorCamera) MC 35mm  
Argus Match-Matic M-3 GC 8mm movie Turret W/A, Std., Tele.
Argus Pocket Carefree 110 MC 110  
Argus Seventy Five MC TLR Lumar 75mm
Argus Showmaster 822 Movie Camera EC Super 8 Argus Cintagon Zoom; 8.5~35mm/f1.8
Argus Skylark MC 110 Ansconar f5.6/24mm
Argus/Cosina Model 708 MC Super 8 Cosinon f1.7; 8~64mm zoom
Asahi Pentax K-1000 EC 35mm SMC Pentax-A f-2/50mm
Barbie Glitter Star N 110  
Barbie Hollywood Star EC 110  
Bell & Howell 11XJ MC Super 8mm Proj.  
Bell & Howell 200EE EC 16mm Super COmat f1.9/20mm
Bell & Howell 220 EC 8 mm movie  
Bell & Howell 245A MC 8mm Projector  
Bell & Howell 393 EC 8mm f1.8 Super Comat
Bell & Howell Auto 35/2.8 Focus Matic EC 35mm B & H f2.8/40mm
Bell & Howell Autoload EC Super 8mm Proj.  
Bell & Howell Autoload Model 340 GC 126 Bell & Howell f3.5/40mm lens
Bell & Howell Dial 35 EC 35mm  
Bell & Howell Electric Eye 127 EC 127 Wide View Special Electric Eye Lens
Bell & Howell Electric Eye 127 MC 127  
Bell & Howell Electric Eye 127 PC 127  
Bell & Howell Filmo Sportster Double-run Eight MC 8mm Mytal Anastigmat 12.5mm/f2.5
Bell & Howell Soundstar PZ Model 1222 Filmsonic MC Super 8mm f1.9/11-33mm zoom
Bell & Howell Zoomatic MC 8mm Varimat f1.8 power zoom W/A-Tele
Bolsey Jubilee EC 35mm Bolsey-Steinheil Anastigmat coated f2.8/45mm lens; Bolsey-Gauthier Auto Synchro Dust Tight shutter.
Busch Pressman Model D GC 4x5 Wollensak Raptar f4.5/135mm; Rapax Synchromatic shutter, 1/400 sec.
Calumet   MC 4x5  
Canon AF35M Shur-Shot GC 35mm f2.8/35mm
Canon AF35ML EC 35mm f1.9/40mm
Canon Datematic MC 35mm Canon 40mm, f2.8
Canon EOS 650 PC 35mm Canon 50mm macro
Canon F1 (Original) EC 35mm  
Canon F1 (Original) EC 35mm  
Capital Deluxe 110 MC 110  
Chinon Auto GX PC 35mm Chinon Lens f4.5; 35mm Fixed Focus
Concord 110 TEF EC 110  
Concord 110CEF MC 110  
Concord 110EF EC 110  
Continental Color Flash 250 GC 110  
Continental Color Flash 250S EC 110  
Continental Electroflash 400S MC 110  
Continental Model 1? MC 127  
Dejur 8 EC 8mm Three lens turret
DeJur Model 750 MC 8mm Projector  
Del Monte (The Chipmunks Camera) MC 110  
Diana Diana EC 120 (4x4)  
Diana Diana F EC 120  
Dover Dover 620A EC 620 Somco f9 meniscus lens/5 rotary disc stops
Falcon Miniature (Deluxe?) EC 127 Graf 50mm
Federal Fed-Flash MC 127 Ultar, 64mm
Federal Model 8 Enlarging Camera MC    
Fischer-Price FP3-7 EC TOY  
Folmer&Schwing   GC 8x10 None
Fotochrome   MC    
Fuji DL-25 Plus EC 35mm  
Fuji QuickSnap Waterproof 800 MC 35mm  
Fujica 35 Automagic   35mm f3.4/38mm
GAF Anscomatic 726 MC 126 Anscomatic f2.8/38mm
GAF Anscomatic S/84 EC Super 8mm f1.7 zoom W/A-Tele
GAF Colt 84 Super 8 Movie Camera EC Super 8 Reflex Zoom f1.7 WA~Tele
GMTEX GT-304   35mm New Optical Lens f5.6-16/50mm
Graflex 22 MC 120 TLR  
Graflex Crown Graphic EC 4x5 Graflex Optar f4.7-32/135mm
Hanimax Praktica TL EC 35mm Meyer Optik Gorlitz Oreston f1.8/50mm, 1/500 sec.
Hanimex 108 MC 110  
Hanimex VEF Zoom   110  
Herbert George Herco Imperial 620 Snap Shot GC 620  
Herbert George Imperial Debonair EC    
Herbert George Official Cub Scout Camera EC 620 box  
Herco Imperial 620 Snap-Shot MC 620  
Herold Mfg.Co. Spartus 120 Flash Camera EC 120 Roxmar Lens
Herold Mfg. Co. Photo-Master EC 127  
Herold Mfg. Co. Spartus 120 Flash MC 120 Box Roxmar
Hi-Tech Micro 110 (Precious Moments design) MC 110  
Hurlbut Mfg. Co Velox Magazine Camera GC Glass Plate  
Hytec TX200   110  
Ikon 110 Mini EC 110  
Imperial Instant Load 900 EC 126  
Imperial Magimatic X50   126  
Imperial Magimatic X50 EC 126  
Imperial Magimatic X50 GC 126  
Imperial Magimatic X50 GC 126  
Imperial Mark XII Flash EC 620  
Imperial Satellite II MC 127  
Kalimar FF-10 MC 110  
Keystone 125 EC 126  
Keystone 225 EC 126  
Keystone 309ES Sensitron GC 110  
Keystone 310M MC 110  
Keystone ES-P MC 35mm  
Keystone Everflash 10 MC 126 f8
Keystone Everflash 20 MC 126  
Keystone Everflash 20 MC 126  
Keystone Everflash 30 GC 126 Keytar color corr. lens, 40mm/f5.6
Keystone Everflash XR 108 MC 110  
Keystone Everflash XR 108 MC 110  
Keystone Model K-8 EC 8mm f2.5
Keystone Regency Easy Shot 1 GC 35mm Fixed Focus
Keystone XR108 Everflash MC 110  
Kodak 16mm Enlarger camera MC 616  
Kodak 35 EC 35mm Anastar f3.5-16/50mm
Kodak Automatic 35 MC 35mm Kodak Ektanar 44mm. f2.8; Synchro 80 shutter
Kodak Baby Brownie Special EC 127  
Kodak Bantam (f4.5) MC 828 Anastigmat Special f4.5-16/47mm
Kodak Beau Brownie No. 2 MC    
Kodak Brownie Bullet EC 127 Dakon
Kodak Brownie Bullet GC 127 Dakon
Kodak Brownie Bull's eye GC 620 Kodak Twindar
Kodak Brownie Bull's Eye MC 620 Twindar
Kodak Brownie Fiesta EC 127  
Kodak Brownie Fiesta R4 MC    
Kodak Brownie Hawkeye EC 620  
Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Camera Flash (Outfit) EC 620  
Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Camera Flash Model EC 620  
Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Camera Flash Model GC 620  
Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Camera Flash Model MC    
Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash EC 127 Kodet
Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash MC 127 Kodet
Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash Camera EC 127 Kodet
Kodak Brownie Junior Six-16 GC Box 616  
Kodak Brownie Movie Camera II PC 8mm  
Kodak Brownie No. O MC 127  
Kodak Brownie Reflex Synchro FC 127  
Kodak Brownie Reflex Synchro Model EC TLR  
Kodak Brownie Starflash EC   Dakon
Kodak Brownie Starflash EC 127 Dakon Lens
Kodak Brownie Starflash FC   Dakon
Kodak Brownie Starflash GC 127 Dakon
Kodak Brownie Starflash Outfit MC 127 Dakon
Kodak Brownie Starflex EC 127 film Dakon lens
Kodak Brownie Starflex GC 127 Dakon
Kodak Brownie Starlet MC 127 Dakon
Kodak Brownie Starmeter MC 127 Kodar f/8
Kodak Brownie Starmite GC   Dakon
Kodak Brownie Starmite II GC 127  
Kodak Brownie Target Six-16 EC Box 616  
Kodak Brownie Target Six-20 EC Box 620  
Kodak Brownie Twin 20 FC    
Kodak Brownie Twin 20 MC 620 film  
Kodak Champ Kodamatic Instant GC Instant  
Kodak Cine Kodak Eight-25 EC 8mm Kodak Anastigmat f2.7-16/13mm
Kodak Cine Kodak Magazine 8 MC 8mm  
Kodak Cine Kodak Model K movie camera EC 16mm  
Kodak Colorburst 250 GC Instant  
Kodak Colorburst 250 Instant MC Instant  
Kodak Disc 3100 EC Disc  
Kodak Disc 3100 EC Disc  
Kodak Disc 3600 GC Disk  
Kodak Disc 4000 MC 110  
Kodak Disc 4000 MC Disk f2.8 lens
Kodak Disc 4100 GC Disk  
Kodak Disc 4100 MC Disc  
Kodak Disk 3000   Disk  
Kodak Disk 4000 MC Disk  
Kodak Duaflex EC 620 Kodar lens f8-16/72mm
Kodak Duaflex FC 620 Kodar lens, f8-16/72mm, focusing.
Kodak Duaflex II EC 620 Kodet
Kodak Duaflex II MC 620 TLR  
Kodak Duaflex III GC TLR Kodar f8/72mm
Kodak Duaflex IV EC 620 Kodet Lens
Kodak EK6 GC Instant  
Kodak Ektralite 10 EC 110 f8/25mm; FF; 1/170 sec. fixed
Kodak Ektralite 10 EC 110  
Kodak Ektralite 10 EC 110  
Kodak Ektralite 10 MC 110 Lumenized, FF f8/25mm
Kodak Electric B Automatic (movie) Camera MC 8mm Cart. Kdak Ektanar lens f1.6/13mm
Kodak Fisher-Price MC 110  
Kodak Flash Bantom EC 828 film Kodak Anastar f4.5-16/48mm; 1/200 sec.
Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic FC 126  
Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic A-1 EC 126  
Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic A-1 EC 126 Cart.  
Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic II MC 126  
Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic R4 EC 126  
Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic R4 EC 126  
Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic R4 MC 126 Cart.  
Kodak Hawkeye Pocket Instam. MC 110  
Kodak Instamatic 100 FC 126  
Kodak Instamatic 100 GC 126  
Kodak Instamatic 100 GC 126  
Kodak Instamatic 104 EC 126  
Kodak Instamatic 104 EC 126  
Kodak Instamatic 104 MC 126  
Kodak Instamatic 124 FC 126  
Kodak Instamatic 124 GC 126  
Kodak Instamatic 124 MC 126  
Kodak Instamatic 134 EC 126  
Kodak Instamatic 150 GC 126  
Kodak Instamatic 300 FC 126 Kodar lens
Kodak Instamatic 300 GC 126 Kodar lens
Kodak Instamatic 304 EC 126 Kodar
Kodak Instamatic 304 GC 126  
Kodak Instamatic 304 MC 126  
Kodak Instamatic 404 EC 126 Kodar lens
Kodak Instamatic 404 EC 126 Kodar lens
Kodak Instamatic 414 EC 126 Kodar lens
Kodak Instamatic 414 MC 126  
Kodak Instamatic 50 GC 126  
Kodak Instamatic 814 FC 126  
Kodak Instamatic M24 MC Super 8mm Ektanar f2.7/14mm
Kodak Instamatic S-10 EC 126 Kodar
Kodak Instamatic X-15 FC 126  
Kodak Instamatic X-15 MC 126  
Kodak Instamatic X-25 Outfit MC 126  
Kodak Instamatic X-35 MC 126  
Kodak Instamatic X-45 GC 126 Cartridge Kodar
Kodak Instamatic X-45 MC 126 Kodar
Kodak Instant Camera EK6 MC Instant  
Kodak Jiffy Kodak Six-16 Series II EC 616 Twindar
Kodak Jiffy Kodak Six-20 EC 620 Twindar Lens. Focusing
Kodak Jiffy Kodak Six-20 Series II MC 620 Twindar
Kodak Jr. Six-20 EC 620 Anastigmat f6.3/100mm; Kodon No. 0 shutter
Kodak Jr. Six-20 MC 620 Kodak Doublet f11-32
Kodak Jr. Six-20 Series III EC 620 Anastigmat f8.8/100mm; Kodex No. 1 shutter
Kodak Mickey-Matic camera EC 110  
Kodak Model-A, #1-A, Kodak Jr. Autographic GC A116 Bellows  
Kodak Monitor Six-16 GC 616 roll film Kodak Anastigmat f4.5-32; 126mm
Kodak No 2A Rainbow Hawkeye Camera EC Folding Model B Kodex No. 1 shutter
Kodak No. 0 Brownie EC 127 Box  
Kodak No. 1A Autographic Kodak PC A116 film  
Kodak No. 1A Autographic Kodak Jr. GC A116 Bellows Anastigmant f7.7/130mm
Kodak No. 1A Pocket Kodak Jr. GC 116  
Kodak No. 1A Pocket Kodak Series II EC 116  
Kodak No. 2 Film Pack Hawkeye EC 2.25 x 3.25 Box  
Kodak No. 2 Folding Cartridge Hawkeye EC 116  
Kodak No. 2 Folding Cartridge Hawk-eye Model C GC 120 Bellows  
Kodak No. 2 Folding Hawkeye Model B EC    
Kodak No. 2A Folding Autographic Brownie FC Folding  
Kodak No. 2A Folding Pocket Brownie EC 116  
Kodak No.2C Brownie Model A EC Box 130  
Kodak No.3-A Folding Pocket Kodak Model B-2 EC 122 rollfilm Rapid Rectilinear Bausch andLomb
Kodak Party Star Kodamatic Instant MC Instant  
Kodak Partyflash II Instant EC Instant  
Kodak Pocket Instamatic 10 EC 110  
Kodak Pocket Instamatic 10 MC 110  
Kodak Pocket Instamatic 10 MC 110  
Kodak Pocket Instamatic 20 PC 110  
Kodak Pocket Instamatic 200 MC 110  
Kodak Pocket Instamatic 30 LN 110  
Kodak Pocket Instamatic 40 EC 110  
Kodak Pocket Instamatic 50 MC 110 Ektar f2.7/26mm
Kodak Pony 135 MC 35mm Anaston f4.5/51mm lens, Kodak flash 200 shutter.
Kodak Pony 135 PC 35mm  
Kodak Pony 828 MC 828 f4.5/51mm Anaston / Kodak FLash 200 Shutter.
Kodak Reflex FC TLR Anastar f3.5/80mm; Flash Kodak shutter
Kodak Retina Automatic III (Type 039) MC   Retina-Xenar f2.8/45mm Schneider-Kreuznach lens; Compur shutter 1/500
Kodak S100EF MC 35mm FF f4.5; f8; f11/35mm
Kodak Senior Six-16 MC 616 Bellows Kodak Anastigmat f6.3/128mm
Kodak Signet 50 EC 35mm Kodak Ektanar 44mm/f2.8
Kodak Six-16 Brownie GC Box 616  
Kodak Six-20 Brownie Junior MC 620 Box  
Kodak Star 110 Camera EC 110  
Kodak Star 735R MC 35mm  
Kodak Target Brownie Six-16 GC Box 616  
Kodak Teke Ektra 2 EC 110 22mm/f5.6 norm; 44mm/f5.6 tele
Kodak Tele Challanger Disc MC Disk  
Kodak Tele Challanger Disk MC Disk  
Kodak Tele Disc GC Disc  
Kodak Tele-Disc GC Disk  
Kodak Tele-Ektra 1 EC 110 22mm Normal; 44mm Tele
Kodak Tele-Ektralite 20 EC 110 22/44mm dual lens
Kodak Tele-Instamatic 608 EC 110  
Kodak Tele-Instamatic 608 EC 110  
Kodak Tele-Instamatic 708 MC 110  
Kodak The Handle EC Instant  
Kodak The Handle FC Instant  
Kodak The Pocket Kodak EC 102  
Kodak Tourist MC 620 Kodak Anastar 101mm, f4.5-32, 1/800 sec. shutter
Kodak Tourist Camera #18 MC 620 Bellows  
Kodak Tourist II EC 620 Kodet f12.5-32; Flash Kodon shutter
Kodak Trimlite Instamatic 18 EC 110  
Kodak Trimlite Instamatic 18 MC 110  
Kodak Trimlite Instamatic 38 MC 110  
Kodak Trimprint 940 Instant MC Instant  
Kodak Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak Camera MC 127 Folding Rapid Rectilinear
Kodak Vigilant Jr. Six-20 EC 620 Kodet DAK lens f12.5-32
Kodak Vigilant Six-16 FC 616 roll film Kodak Anastigmat F4.5-32; 126mm
Kodak XL33 Super 8 movie camera MC Super 8 Kodak Ektar 9mm/f1.2
Konex Ortho MC 35mm f5.6 F.F.
Konica AA35 LN HF35mm Hexanon f4/24mm
Konica C35 EC 35mm Hexanon f2.8/38mm
Konica EE MaticDeluxe F MC 35mm Hexanon f2.8/42mm
Kowa Komaflex-S EC 127 SLR Prominar f2.8/65mm, Seikosha SLV b-t-l shutter
Kraft Velveeta (Promo. camera) EC 110  
Lavec TC-305 EC 35mm f5.6
Le clic   MC 35mm Optique 38mm
Le Clic Mini (Model 108) EC 110  
LeClic   MC Disk  
Lexxus   MC 35mm f8/35mm FF
Lexxus   MC 35 mm  
Lexxus   MC 35 mm  
Life Life MC 35mm Color Optical Lens, f6/ 50mm
Life Life MC 35mm Color Optical Lens, f6/ 50mm
Lomo (Gomz) Smena 8 EC 35mm T-43 f4/40mm
Mamiya Rapid Omega 200 EC 120/220 (1) 58/f5.6 WA; (1) 90/f3.5 Norm.; (2) 180/f4.5 Tele.
Meikai 4 Shooter MC 35mm 4 lenses
Meikai DI-4398 MC 35mm Standard/Panoramic switchable
Metropolitan Clix Deluxe EC 127 half frame Maestar 50mm
Microcam   MC 110  
Midget Jilona Model No. 2 EC 17.5mm rollfilm Anastigmat; 1/50 sec.
Minolta 16 MG MC 16mm Miniature ROKKOR F2.8; 20MM
Minolta 16Ps EC 16mm  
Minolta 16QT EC 16mm f3.5/23mm
Minolta Autopak 200 EC 110  
Minolta Autopak 450E EC 110  
Minolta Autopak 550 EC 126 Rokkor f2.8/38mm
Minolta Disc-7 MC Disk  
Minolta Electro-Shot MC 35mm Rokkor QF f1.8/40mm
Minolta Freedom Tele MC 35mm Minolta, 38-80/f2.8/5.6 Macro
Minolta Hi-Matic E EC 35mm Rokkor-QF f1.7/40mm
Minolta Hi-Matic G EC 35mm Rokkor 38mm/f2.8
Minolta Pocket Autopak 270 GC 110 Rokkor f3.5/25mm
Minolta Pocket Autopak 50 MC 110  
Minolta Pocket Autopak 50 MC 110  
Minolta Pocket Autopak 70 MC 110  
Minolta Weathermatic A EC 110  
Minolta XD-11 MC 35mm MD W.Rokkor-X 28mm, f2.8-22, s/n 1113834
Minolta XG 7 EC 35mm  
Minolta XG-A MC 35mm MD Rokkor-X f1.7/50mm s/n 5409726
Miranda F GC 35mm Miranda f1.9/50mm
Montgomery Ward Junior EC 5" x 7" View ? in Wollensak shutter
Mycro   EC   Mycro Una f4.5/20mm
Nature Company Outdoor Mini Camera MC 110  
Newport Cigarette novelty type MC 110  
Nikkorex F MC 35mm SLR  
Nikon FE MC 35mm Nikon Series E 28mm/f2.8-22
Nikon N4004S MC 35mm AF Quantaray 35mm~70mm AF Zoom s/n 1221941
Nikon One Touch MC 35mm Nikon f2.8/35mm; w/ macro
Nimslo 3D MC 35mm Quadra, 30mm (four lenses)
Nippon AR-4392 MC 35mm New Color Optical Lens, f6.3/50mm F.F.
Nishiki Super-I MC 35mm Nishiki Optical Glass, Fixed focus 40mm, f6.3
Okaya Optical Lord 5D EC 35mm Okaya Optic ighkor f 1.9-16; 40mm
Olympus Camedia C-2500L MC Digital 2.8 Megapixel; F2.8, 3X 9.2-28mm Aspherical; 1712 x 1368
Olympus Pen EES-2 EC 35mm, half fr. Olympus D.Zuiko f2.8/30mm
Olympus Quickmatic 600 EC 126 Cart. Olympus E. Zuiko F2.8/38mm
Olympus Trip AF S-2 Autofocus MC 35mm Olympus 34mm
Olympus / Tower 35 S-II MC 35mm G. Zuiko f1.8/42mm; 1/500 sec.
Orion No. 142 MC 127  
Pacifica Prod's Lynx PPL500XL   35mm f1.6/50mm F.F.
Palliard/Bolex B-8 MC 8mm movie Two lens turret
Petri ES Auto EC 35mm f1.7/40mm
Petri Racer MC 35mm Petri f2.8/45mm, 1/500 sec.
Pho-Tak Reflex I FC TLR  
Pho-Tak Spectator Flash EC+ 120  
Photo Flex Deluxe 110 MC 110  
Photo Flex Deluxe 110 Pocket Camera MC 110  
PocketPak 400 EC 110  
Polariod Countdown 70 EC Instant  
Polaroid 101 MC Instant  
Polaroid 250 GC Instant  
Polaroid 340 GC Polaroid  
Polaroid 340 MC Polaroid  
Polaroid 420 EC Instant  
Polaroid 420 Automatic MC Polaroid  
Polaroid 800 MC Polaroid  
Polaroid 80A (Highlander) MC Polaroid  
Polaroid 95A GC Instant  
Polaroid 95A GC Instant 130mm/f8
Polaroid 95A Speedliner MC Polaroid 130mm; f8
Polaroid Automatic 100 EC Polaroid f8.8/114mm
Polaroid Automatic 100 EC Instant  
Polaroid Automatic 103 EC Polaroid  
Polaroid Automatic 103 MC    
Polaroid Automatic 104 EC Instant  
Polaroid Automatic 220 EC Polaroid  
Polaroid Automatic 320 EC Instant  
Polaroid Big Shot Portrait MC   Fixed focus close-up
Polaroid Big Swinger 3000 EC Instant  
Polaroid Big Swinger 3000 FC Polaroid  
Polaroid Big Swinger 3000 MC Polaroid  
Polaroid Colorpack II EC Polaroid  
Polaroid Colorpack II FC Polaroid  
Polaroid Colorpack II GC Instant  
Polaroid Colorpak II MC    
Polaroid Countdown 90 EC Instant  
Polaroid CU-5 88-48 EC Polaroid Tominon f4.7/127mm (Polaroid#88-5, 5" lens)
Polaroid Highlander Model 80B   Instant  
Polaroid Impulse MC Polaroid  
Polaroid J33 EC Instant  
Polaroid Model 150 EC Instant  
Polaroid Model 240 Print Copier EC Instant  
Polaroid Model 360 Elect. flash EC Instant  
Polaroid Model 95 EC Instant  
Polaroid Model 95 (Original) GC Instant f11/135mm
Polaroid Model 95B EC Instant  
Polaroid Model J66 MC Instant  
Polaroid One Step GC Polaroid  
Polaroid One Step GC Polaroid  
Polaroid One Step MC Polaroid  
Polaroid One Step BC EC Instant  
Polaroid One Step Close-Up MC Instant  
Polaroid PolaVision #3000 Movie Camera EC Movie  
Polaroid Pronto MC MC  
Polaroid Pronto! B EC   Polaroid Polatriplet f9.4/116mm color corr., cated lens.
Polaroid Sonar One Step MC MC  
Polaroid Sonar One Step Pronto SE MC    
Polaroid Spirit MC Instant  
Polaroid Square Shooter EC Polaroid  
Polaroid Square Shooter 2 EC Polaroid  
Polaroid Square Shooter 2 EC    
Polaroid Square Shooter 2 GC Polaroid  
Polaroid Sun 600 LMS GC Polaroid  
Polaroid Sun 600 LMS MC    
Polaroid Super Colorpack FC Polaroid  
Polaroid Swinger Model 20 EC Type 20 roll  
Polaroid Swinger Model 20 EC Type 20 roll  
Polaroid Swinger Sentinal M-15 MC Instant  
Polaroid SX-70 EC Instant  
Polaroid SX-70 EC Instsant  
Polaroid SX-70 Model 2 EC Instant  
Polaroid SX-70 Sonar One Step EC Polaroid  
Polaroid SX-70, Alpha 1 EC Polaroid  
Polaroid The Button MC    
Polaroid The Button MC Instant  
Polaroid The Reporter MC Polaroid  
Polaroid Time Zero One Step MC    
Quickshot X3000 MC 35mm New Optical Lens, f5.6/50mm
RCA BW004 EC Video Canon TV zoom J3x14, 1:1.6/14-42mm
RCA CC002 LN Color Video Canon TV zoom V6x17, 1:2.0/17-102mm
Reflekta   FC TLR Meritar f3.5/75mm; Blitz I shutter
Revere 40 EC 8mm f2.5 Cine Raptar Wollensak 1/2"
Revere Model 50 MC 8 mm movie Revere 12.7mm, f 2.8 Cine Revar, coated
Revere Model 777 EC 8mm Projector  
Revere Model 777 EC 8mm Projector  
Revere Model 87 GC 8 mm  
Revere Ranger Model 81 EC 8mm movie Revere cine 12.7mm coated f2.5
Riken Super Ricohflex MC 120 TLR Ricoh Anastigmat f3.5-16, 1.200 sec., 80mm
Sawyer's Mark IV EC 127 rollfilm Topcor 60mm/f2.8; 1/500sec.
Scovill Waterbury View EC 5x7 Waterbury, Brass
Sears Tower 120 Flash FC 120  
Sears Tower Flash 120 MC 120  
Sedic Sport F MC 110 f9.5
Spartus 116 MC Box 116  
Spartus 35F Model 400 MC 35mm f7.7 Achromat
Spartus Full View MC 120 TLR  
Spartus Press Flash EC    
Speedex   MC Mini  
Sports Illust.   EC 35mm f1.6/50mm, FF
Stereo Realist   EC 35mm f3.5/22mm
Sunpet Sunpet EC 35mm 35mm fixed focus
Suntone Dual lens camera MC 35mm  
Suntone Panorama Model MM3350 MC 35mm f11/28mm; 1/125 fixed
Suntone Panoramic Camera MC 35mm  
Suntone Panoramic Camera MC 35mm  
Surpass SC-911 MC 35mm 35mm WA, fixed focus
Sylvania Disk VR100 EC Disk  
Taiyodo Koki Beautyflex GC 120 Doimer Anastigmat F3.5-22, 80mm, 1/200 sec.
Time   EC 35mm  
Time   MC 35mm Kinetic Optical color lens f6/50mm fixed focus
Time   MC 35mm  
Time   MC 35mm  
Triad Corp. Fotron EC 828  
Universal Mercury II (Model CX) MC 35mm half frame Universal Tricor f2.7; 35mm s/n 33585
Univex Iris MC No. 00 film Vitar f7.9/50mm; Ilex TBI shutter
US Camera Corp. Rollex 20 EC 6x9 Rollfilm  
VAC   MC 35mm New Optical f6-16/50mm; FF; F Shutter
Vista View   MC 35 mm  
Vista View 110 MC 110  
Vivitar 810 MC 110 24mm/f5.6
Vivitar Champion II EC 35mm 38mm, fixed focus
Vivitar EX35 MC 35mm 35mm fixed focus
Vivitar EZ35 MC 35mm  
Vivitar L.A.Brites EC 110  
Vivitar LF Tele MC 110  
Vivitar Point 'n shoot MC 110  
Vivitar Point 'n shoot MC 110  
Vivitar Point 'n shoot MC 110  
Vivitar Point-'n-Shoot MC 110  
Voightlander Avus Folding Plate MC 6.5 x 9 cm Spirotone-Hamburg Anastigmat f 4.5-22; 105mm #11414
Voightlander Bessa EC 6x9cm Bellows Vaskar f4.5/105mm; Prontor-S shutter
Voigtlander Bessa GC 6x9 Rollfilm Vaskar f4.5/105mm lens, Prontor S shutter
Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Head Camera EC 110  
Waltz Movie Editor III MC for 8mm  
Wards 706a FC Super 8mm  
Wards 706a FC Super 8  
Whitehouse Beacon MC 127 Rollfilm  
Whitehouse Beacon II EC 127 film Plastic lens
Wirgin   PC TLR Anastigmat Triolar f4.5/75mm; Compur shutter (F. Deckel-Minchen)
Wirgin Edixa II-L MC 35mm Isco-Gottingen Westanar f2.8-45; 1/300 sec.
Yashica 635 MC 120/35mm TLR Yashikor 80mm, f3.5; Copal MXV shutter
Yashica Electro 35 Original MC 35mm Yashinon-DX f1.7/45mm lens
Yashica LM GC TLR Yashikor f3.8/80mm; Copal MX shutter
Yashica Model A MC 120 TLR  
Yashica Partner AF MC 35mm Yashica f3.5/35mm
Yashica Partner AF Plus MC 35mm Yashica f3.5/35mm
Yashica Super 40 EC Super 8mm f1.8/9-36mm zoom
Zeiss Ikon Contaflex I PC 35mm Tassar f2.8/45mm/Synchro-Compur Shutter
Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/16 EC 120 Novar Anastigmat F 6.3/75mm; Zeiss Ikon Vario shutter 1/200
Zenobia   FC 120 f3.5/75mm Hesper Anastigmat in D.O.C. Rapid shutter, 1/500 sec.