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My wife, Jan, has often told me that my pictures do no one any good resting in a box.
The internet gives an ideal venue to share images with others.
Occasionally, when I'm viewing other's photos, I come across a very special one, and exclaim:
"WOW! Look at that!
It literally takes my breath away.
That's what I strive for every time I trip the shutter: a breathtaking image.
More often than not, I fall short--by my standard.
But, just as I may view a picture that another photographer is proud of and think to myself:
"What's so good about this?"
I may watch someone look through my collection and come across a cast-aside picture that they just love.
It lends credence to the old saying:

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

Thus, I'll leave the judging to you--The beholder.


All photographs copyright d.l.brittain. Unauthorized use of these photographs is a violation of U.S. Copyright laws.

Before you begin viewing, we suggest that you calibrate your monitor so that you can get the most out of these pictures.


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